🍄KombuchaBrew Log

2023-10-05 22:50:36 UTC

  • The kombucha was basically vinegar last night, so I emptied one of the jars and threw its SCOBY away. I'll restart the other jar this evening and try to keep its SCOBY alive while I turn my attentions to coffee.

2023-08-22 02:50:31 UTC

Returned from my trip early yesterday morning

  • Mango kombucha smelled rancid so I threw it out

  • The ginger kombucha tasted quite good, but most of the bottle were flat? I poured those out and kept the ones with a bit of carbonation. I'm going to run to the store today and grab a strainer so I can re-bottle it and separate the kombucha from the ginger fibres and whatnot

  • Poured out all but 2 cups of the kombucha I left in the first fermentation, threw away one of the pellicles because it was looking a little old (dead?), and halved the other one that looked healthier

  • Thoroughly cleaned the jars after emptying them

    • They were really hot after taking them out of the dishwasher, so I put them in the refrigerator. They were too cold after that, so I ran some warm water over them until they reached approx. room temperature

  • Started two gallons in the first fermentation cycle based on the same starter and same pellicle. Initially, one was based on a flavoured kombucha from GT with a home-grown pellicle and the other was bought from Amazon. I don't know which I threw out and which I saved, but they're now identical ¯\_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

2023-07-28 01:03:36 UTC

  • Moved bottles to refrigerator to slow fermentation process while I'm away from home

2023-07-21 06:11:06 UTC

  • Started two gallons in the first fermentation cycle

2023-07-21 04:54:46 UTC

  • Intended to bottle almost a gallon of ../04 recipes/plain mango, but it turned into mango/nectarine. One mango was completely unripe and the other was barely somewhat ripe so I added a big nectarine (¬_¬")

  • Bottled almost a gallon of ../04 recipes/spicy ginger minus the cayenne

    • Kinda worried about this one. I used a blender to purée the ginger, honey, and brown sugar and it produced a lot of foam; I tasted the foam and it was quite horrific

2023-07-13 08:09:42 UTC

  • Tore off and disposed of excess pellicle

  • Started two gallons in the first fermentation cycle