🍄Kombucha03 Second Fermentation

This is where things get fun.



  • Enough flip-top fermentation bottles to hold 10 cups of kombucha

    • We did make 12 cups of kombucha (14 cups minus 2 for the next batch), but we'll be augmenting that with additional liquids/solids and want to leave some empty space in the top of the bottle


  1. Funnel the kombucha into your bottles leaving about 1½ in (3.8 cm) empty space at the top

    • Make sure to leave 2 cups of raw kombucha in the jar so you can use it when starting another batch from the ../02 first fermentation

  2. Add your sweetener/flavouring

  3. Ferment somewhere dark and room temperature for 3-10 days

    • How long you let it ferment depends entirely on your geographic region. A good rule of thumb is to put some kombucha in a plastic water bottle when you bottle the rest of your kombucha. Periodically take it out and squeeze it; if there's no give at all, the kombucha in your glass bottles is probably carbonated enough. If you leave them carbonating for too long, the pressure inside can cause the glass to shatter and the bottle to implode.

  4. Once they've finished carbonating, remove or strain any particulates out if you dislike particulates in your drinks.

  5. Refrigerate to chill and slow the fermentation process (thus slowing the carbonation) before serving