🍄Regular Coffee

Moka Pot (espresso-like)


  • Set the stove to medium-high so it can pre-heat

  • Boil 150g water in a kettle

  • Grind ~15g coffee (aim to fill the filter to the rim)

  • Pour coffee into filter and level, but do not tamp

  • Add an Aeropress filter to the underside of the top piece of the Moka Pot


  • Pour pre-heated water into boiler

  • Set filter in boiler

  • Screw top piece of pot onto boiler

  • Place on heated stove and watch carefully

    • Ideally, you want to sort of ride the edge between sputtering and not, erring on the side of not. Once it starts sputtering, the coffee is either too hot or done.

  • When you start to hear sputtering from the pot, immediately take it off the stove and run cold water over the boiler to halt the brew

  • Serve in small espresso cups